Symbol Company Name Exchange Price Action
EAT Brinker International Inc US 37.45 Trade
AFG American Financial Group Inc US 113.80 Trade
HEI Heico Corp US 87.90 Trade
GEO The GEO Group Inc US 20.86 Trade
NFX Newfield Exploration Co US 23.16 Trade
BAS Basic Energy Services Inc (New) US 15.45 Trade
VLO Valero Energy Corp US 92.94 Trade
CKH SEACOR Holdings Inc US 49.04 Trade
D Dominion Energy Inc US 69.15 Trade
K Kellogg Co US 66.43 Trade
HD The Home Depot Inc US 177.10 Trade
DWDP DowDuPont Inc US 66.56 Trade
F Ford Motor Co US 11.01 Trade
ALG Alamo Group Inc US 113.27 Trade
DTF DTF Tax-Free Income Shs US 13.23 Trade
B Barnes Group Inc US 62.13 Trade
ASB Associated Banc-Corp US 26.15 Trade
GLU Gabelli Global Util Shs of Benef Interest US 18.40 Trade
RSP Guggenheim Shs S&P 500 Equal Weighted Index Fund US 101.29 Trade
VUG Vanguard Growth Shs US 146.93 Trade
VV Vngrd Large-Cap Shs US 124.99 Trade


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