Stock Contests

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There are 3 ways to practice trading on HowTheMarketWorks:

  • Join and compete in one of our Official HowTheMarketWorks Stock Contests listed below
  • Create your own contest for your class or friends, or
  • Just practice trading with your own default portfolio that you received when you register

Whatever you decide, start learning today How The Market Works!

Stock Contest with our free stock market gameWith your FREE HowTheMarketWorks registration, you can create or join up to 4 of our investment competitions and manage 3 personal portfolios. Our stock simulation has over 10,000 private contests running! Learn More about contests.

Official Stock Contests

Title & DescriptionTraders

Official July Contest 129 Join Now
Join our official monthly contest! See how much you can earn with $25,000!

Official June Contest 404 Finished!
Join our official monthly contest! See how much you can earn with $25,000!

Public Contests

Title & DescriptionTraders
Be The Best! 185 Join Now
Come and join on the race for first!! Be the best and rule the stocks!
! ! Awesome Aug Challenge ! ! 1 Join Now
Help I've fall'n and I can't get

A one month Challenge where friends share POSITIVEinfo!!!

Where friends help friends TRADE stocks.

All are Welcome!

We Trade Stocks .0002 and up
Tesomas PM P3 33 Join Now
Tesomas Personal Management Period 3

Official Contest Resource

Title & DescriptionTraders
Stock Market Investing 101 138 Join Now
The self-paced e-course to help you win contests and make money from the stock market.

* Our contests involve Virtual Money only. No cash prizes are awarded for our stock simulation at this time.

Teachers (See the Teacher's Guide stock)
Sign up an unlimited number of students for your private classroom contests!

Portfolio Challenge
Join a free stock contest or create a portfolio challenge for your classroom or private group!

Trading Contest
A trading contest is a great way to learn about the markets while having fun and not risking any real money!

Investment Competition
You can create an investment competition for your office and see who is the master of trading!