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Our free stock market game allows you to practice buying real stocks using imaginary money to learn How The Market Works and to gain experience with virtual trading. This is also known as paper trading or fantasy trading. Over 35,000 new members each month!

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Practice Paper Trading:

1. Stocks & Indexes
    (US & Canada)
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2. Forex (Currencies) NEW!

3. Penny Stocks

4. Pink Sheet Stocks

5. Mutual Funds & ETFs

6. Short Selling

They are completely free and you can even create your own contests. Join a free stock contest or create a portfolio challenge for your classroom or private group!

Practice Trading On Your Own

We created this site to help you get started in the world of investing. There is never any charge for any information or services on our site. So, read a few articles, try our system out, and have a good time. And don't worry, our system only uses virtual money, so there is no risk of losing real money.

Practice Trading With Friends

Also, if you feel like competing, you can invite your friends or your classroom to join a contest that you create. It is a fun way to track your positions and your gains and losses. You can even set custom parameters for your contest. Give it a try!

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