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Simon Property Group Inc.

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'Mad Money' Lightning Round: Buy, Buy, Buy Verifone, It's a Winner
- Sep 17 at 6:00am ET
Cramer likes Southwest Airlines over Delta and isn't getting involved with Copa Holdings or Emerge Energy Services.

Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: Let's Hear It for the Bull
- Sep 16 at 8:20pm ET
The markets can continue to rebound but only if a few other things go right, Cramer says.

Jim Cramer Says Interest Rates Are Headed Higher
- Sep 16 at 12:11pm ET
We'll get some net interest margin going.

Washington Prime Acquires Glimcher Realty Trust in $4.3B Deal
- Sep 16 at 10:14am ET
Merging REITs will sell properties in New Jersey and Texas to Simon Property Group for just over $1 billion.

Malls Aren't Dead, Long Live the Mall: Simon Property CEO
- Sep 11 at 11:00am ET
The American mall is not dead, actually quite the opposite, says Simon Property's CEO David Simon.

3 Stocks Dragging In The Real Estate Industry
- Sep 10 at 1:04pm ET
TheStreet highlights 3 stocks pushing the real estate industry lower today.

Today's Stocks Driving Success For The Financial Sector
- Sep 5 at 1:03pm ET
TheStreet highlights 3 stocks pushing the financial sector higher today.

How Chinese Investors Play U.S. Property Without Leaving Home
- Sep 4 at 12:41pm ET
The Chinese real estate funds are investing in Simon Property Group and Meritage Homes, among other familiar names.

12 Photos That Show How Macy's Is Dismantling Sears
- Aug 19 at 11:00am ET
Sears has neglected to invest in its namesake stores through the years. Macy's has gone the complete opposite route. Brian Sozzi shows what's now happening in each of the stores.

Back-to-School Shopping Won't Save the Mall
- Aug 18 at 8:30am ET
As shopper visit fewer stores and trade PacSun and Abercrombie & Fitch for Michael Kors and Coach, the traditional indoor mall fades further into retail memory.


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