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Wells Fargo & Co

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Yellen (Almost) Promises Rate Hike, Wells Fargo Opens More Branches: Finance Winners and Losers
- May 22 at 5:22pm ET
Yellen nearly promises a 2015 rate hike, American Express is set to benefit from a Senate bill, and Wells Fargo still believes in old fashioned customer service.

Wells Fargo Opens More Branches as Rivals Replace Them With Mobile
- May 22 at 12:27pm ET
Mobile banking is reducing – but not eliminating – the need for branches, says a Sandler O’Neill analyst. Small businesses want branches where they can talk with people in person.

Wells Fargo Is Set to Catch the Mounting Wave of New Mortgages
- May 21 at 6:24am ET
With U.S. housing starts accelerating, when the Federal Reserve lifts interest rates, mortgage origination is poised to heat up. Big banks like Wells Fargo are better positioned than online rivals.

Jim Cramer -- Don't Sell Warren Buffett's Bank
- May 20 at 2:31pm ET
You don't want to sell Wells Fargo, you want to buy more and right now.

3 Banking Stocks Pushing Industry Growth
- May 19 at 1:02pm ET
TheStreet highlights 3 stocks pushing the banking industry higher today.

Why S&P 500's Record Highs Won't Mean Big Gains in 2015
- May 18 at 1:03pm ET
Investors should expect stocks to stay in their narrow trading range, according to one strategist.

Jim Cramer -- Chevron vs. Exxon Mobil; Possible Yelp Hookup
- May 18 at 11:11am ET
TheStreet's Jim Cramer says Goldman Sachs seems to be too downbeat on the energy sector, while GrubHub or TripAdvisor may make for a good match with Yelp.

Jim Cramer -- Best Charts in the Book Are in Breakout Mode
- May 18 at 10:14am ET
The strongest sector right now is benefiting from interest rates talk. Looking mostly at banks, insurers.

NerdWallet Gets $64 Million on Road to $1 Billion Valuation as Money Pours Into Fintech
- May 15 at 2:35pm ET
PayPal co-founder Max Levchin got $275 million for Affirm, Credit Sesame got $16 million and Vouch got $6 million, according to funding announcements by financial technology companies at Finovate.

'Mad Money' Lightning Round: Buy, Buy, Buy Netflix
- May 15 at 6:00am ET
Cramer prefers Cisco Systems over GMC, likes Gray Television and is avoiding Chuy's Holdings.


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