Born To Sell is all about covered calls. Their award-winning covered call screener has an easy-to-use interface and provides covered calls matching any query you give it.

Every day there are over 350,000 covered calls to choose from. That represents thousands of underlying stocks and ETFs, each with dozens of strike prices and expiration dates (including weeklys). Born To Sell’s covered call screener lets you filter and sort all those options so that you can find ones that meet criteria that you’re looking for.

For example, maybe you want stocks that pay a dividend before option expiration, that do not have an earnings release before expiration, have a P/E of less than 20, and offer in-the-money covered calls with an annualized rate of return over 20%. Set the filters and you’ll see the results. Change any filter and the results update immediately.

Or maybe you want to see all the covered calls that have an annualized return over 15%, sorted by downside protection (deepest in the money on top). Easy to do.

In addition to screening for covered calls, Born To Sell also offers portfolio management features that track your covered call positions. You can see at a glance how much time premium remains in each position, and use their Roll Me tool to help you decide which option to roll to. The software helps you stay organized, stay diversified, and maximize your income each month.

Although it is a subscription service, there is a 2 week free trial for anyone who wants to try before they buy. Click here to read more about it or sign up for the free trial.
Click here to try it.

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