PMP Certification and Why It’s An Important Investment For Businesses

In today’s fast-changing world, it’s essential for your business to be one step ahead of your competitors. To do that, you may need the assistance of a PMP (Project Management Professional)-certified project manager whose job is to supervise multiple departments, assign budgets and timelines, and to make sure that all results are achieved accurately. If you’re looking for successful delivery of projects, here’s what you need to know about PMP certification and why it’s an essential investment for your business.

PMP Certification in General

When your company looks for project managers, the entire concept of PMP certification comes into play. A Project Management Professional is known for being a worldwide recognized professional certification for businesses offered by a US non-profit professional organization named as the Project Management Institute (PMI). For those professionals who wish to advance their career to the next level, PMP can be a well-respected credential.

However, if you want your employees to be PMP-certified, they need to pass the PMP certification exam tests, which cover the following performance domains:

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring and Controlling
  • Closing

Requirements for the PMP Examination

Again, if your business needs an experienced project manager who will be responsible for all aspects of project management, then investing in PMP certification can be the right thing to do. However, take note of the following PMP exam requirements that a candidate should comply with:

  • Possess a four-year degree or secondary degree (either a high school diploma or associate’s degree)
  • For a secondary degree: 7,500 hours for directing and leading projects
  • For a four-year degree: 4,500 hours
  • For both degrees: 35 hours of project management education

If you want to provide your company with PMP examination preparation and training, contact reliable providers like Edwel Programs to help you.

Benefits of PMP Certification for Businesses

Now that we know what PMP certification is all about, let’s take a look at why having PMP-certified professionals can be a good investment for companies in this competitive world. Below are some benefits for businesses who get PMP-certified people:

  1. Offers worldwide recognition

Again, PMP is a globally-recognized certification today. With project managers who are PMP-certified in your team, the global community will identify your company as one having a valuable level of experience and qualification than those without a certification. Moreover, if you’re seeking for a robust global influence and presence, having a PMP certification proves to be a significant investment for your business.

  1. Improves the ability to adapt to market changes

A successful business will always be prepared to respond and adapt to market and environment changes quickly. That’s because of the knowledge and skills contributed by a PMP-certified project manager. Even with the advent of new competition, unexpected shifts in some work conditions, and disruptive technologies, companies that invest in PMP certification demonstrate a high level of organizational adaptability. With the use of project management tools and techniques, you bring a significant impact to your project and program implementation.

  1. Develops a healthy company culture

If you want your business to create a healthy and productive culture, hiring project managers with PMP certification can be a smart move. Companies incorporating the fundamentals of project management can improve the business culture and value they deliver. With the participation of certified project managers, you can be able to achieve the following changes in your business initiatives:

  • Having a great program or portfolio management
  • In-depth understanding of the project management’s value
  • Alignment of projects to the company’s strategy
  1. Expands your company’s market reach and scope

With PMP certification holders under your organization, you can be able to increase your business’ market reach and scope. Through some project management forums, your certified project managers will have the opportunity to get some tips, insights, and experiences from other PMP professionals around the world. That way, you’ll stay updated on the latest industry trends and developments, which are essential in making your business a success.

  1. Provides value to your business

Certified project managers will add value to your business. That’s because you can rest assured knowing that someone who’s trained and knowledgeable leads not just your employees but your projects and programs as well. With these people in your organization, you can prevent unnecessary mistakes that may result in monetary loss, and give your clients the confidence that your project manager will provide them the best service.



If you’re a business owner who considers hiring project managers, always take note that a PMP certification is an important asset and investment. With this information in mind, your business can start moving toward greater success by getting PMP-certified professionals who have everything they need to lead people and projects expertly.

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