Symbol Company Name Exchange Price Action
MFH Mercurity Fintech Holding Inc - ADR US 1.62 Trade
ONEM 1life Healthcare Inc US 31.23 Trade
DKNG DraftKings Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A US 35.15 Trade
VTIQW VectoIQ Acquisition Corp - Warrants (11/05/2023) US 11.19 Trade
SONN Sonnet BioTherapeutics Holdings Inc US 4.17 Trade
THMO ThermoGenesis Holdings Inc US 5.94 Trade
AVGOP Broadcom Inc - 8% PRF CONVERT 30/09/2022 USD 1000 - Ser A US 1,047.29 Trade
EXPC Experience Investment Corp - Ordinary Shares - Class A US 9.77 Trade
IGMS IGM Biosciences Inc US 63.30 Trade
PGNY Progyny Inc US 24.01 Trade
CRNC Cerence Inc US 33.06 Trade
RVMD Revolution Medicines Inc US 31.43 Trade
PECK Peck Company Holdings Inc (The) US 3.77 Trade
VMD Viemed Healthcare Inc US 8.03 Trade
ABML American Battery Metals Corp. US 0.05 Trade
BABAF Alibaba Group Holding Ltd US 26.00 Trade
ETHE Grayscale Ethereum Trust (ETH) - Units US 109.00 Trade
WFTLF Weatherford International plc US 2.35 Trade
OTIS Otis Worldwide Corp US 52.38 Trade
VVNT Vivint Smart Home Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A US 11.43 Trade
FLNG Flex Lng Ltd US 4.80 Trade
CSPR Casper Sleep Inc US 7.21 Trade
NRGD Bank of Montreal - ZC SP ETN REDEEM 25/03/2039 USD 500 - Ser E NRGD US 21.08 Trade
ARMR Exchange Listed Funds Trust - Armor US Equity Index ETF US 17.06 Trade
DPZ Domino's Pizza, Inc. MX 8,085.00 Trade


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