Symbol Company Name Exchange Price Action
NSCI Document Security Systems Inc US 1.11 Trade
TPAY Managed Prtfl Shs None 26.35 Trade
TCLD Managed Prtfl Shs None 26.39 Trade
LQDI iSh US ETF Tr Shs iShares Inflation Hedged Corporate Bond Fund None 24.73 Trade
CPTAL Capitala Finan 6 % Notes 2017-31.05.22 US 25.07 Trade
VFF Village Farms International Inc US 10.75 Trade
AVDR Avedro Inc US 12.82 Trade
SOLY Soliton Inc US 4.62 Trade
IHTA Inv Hg Incm 24 Shs US 9.76 Trade
GRAD Blackstar Enterprise Group Inc US 0.50 Trade
BUZZ Sinobiopharma Inc US 3.25 Trade
GAXY Galaxy Next Generation Inc US 3.20 Trade
GZIC Green Zebra International Corp US 0.01 Trade
AMBF Ambassador Food Services Corp US 0.04 Trade
MPGR Mining Power Group Inc US 0.10 Trade
JJTFF Barclays Bank iPath Bloomberg Tin Subindex Total Return ETN 2008-24.6.38 Series -A- Lkd to Bloomberg Tin Subindex TR US 50.00 Trade
TSRGE Trans Energy Inc US 5.01 Trade
DMLY International Luxury Products Inc US 0.04 Trade
AGMMF Aggregated Micro Power Holdings PLC US 1.02 Trade
DSTZF Distell Group Holdings Limited US 8.40 Trade
FJHL Fovea Jewelry Holdings ltd US 0.02 Trade
TSYN Teleconnect Inc US 0.05 Trade
ZCAN SPDR Solact Cda Shs US 57.98 Trade
IIGV Inv Invt Gr Val Shs US 25.23 Trade
ESTM LTWC Corp US 0.00 Trade


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