Symbol Company Name Exchange Price Action
REKR Rekor Systems Inc US 3.66 Trade
APLT Applied Therapeutics Inc US 9.95 Trade
MU Micron Technology Inc. US 44.17 Trade
BYND Beyond Meat Inc US 151.95 Trade
PLMR Palomar Holdings Inc US 35.10 Trade
PDSB PDS Biotechnology Corporation US 5.87 Trade
IMUX Immunic Inc US 14.46 Trade
BPYPP Brookfield Property Partners L.P. - 6.50% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser 1 Cls A US 25.85 Trade
OSW OneSpaWorld Holdings Limited US 15.95 Trade
SILK Silk Road Medical Inc US 42.23 Trade
PUYI Puyi Inc - ADR US 7.89 Trade
WDC Western Digital Corp. US 56.35 Trade
VCEX Vaccex Inc US 0.25 Trade
DODXF Deutsche Bank AG London - ZC SP ELMTS REDEEM 14/11/2022 USD 10 US 23.70 Trade
EMBI Emerald Bioscience Inc US 0.30 Trade
CLDP Cloud Peak Energy Inc US 0.06 Trade
DHCPW Ditech Holding Corp - Warrants - Series A (01/01/9999) US 0.00 Trade
AITA Wunong Asia Pacific Co Ltd US 0.66 Trade
THAI Index Oil & Gas Inc US 0.00 Trade
WORK Slack Technologies Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A US 30.80 Trade
FVRR Fiverr International Ltd US 24.28 Trade
RVLV Revolve Group Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A US 25.38 Trade
MNRL Brigham Minerals Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A US 20.13 Trade
JMIA Jumia Technologies Ag - ADR US 12.27 Trade
TUFN Tufin Software Technologies Ltd US 17.41 Trade
BNKU Bank of Montreal - ZC SP ETN REDEEM 25/03/2039 USD 50 - BNKU US 43.12 Trade


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