Symbol Company Name Exchange Price Action
BNKU Bank of Montreal Underlying Tracker 2019-25.05.39 (Exp.22.03.39) on SolaMSTMUSBB GR USD Ser D US 56.93 Trade
PLMR Palomar Holdings Inc US 18.50 Trade
PDSB PDS Biotechnology Corporation US 5.66 Trade
IMUX Immunic Inc US 16.29 Trade
BPYPP Brookfield Property Partners LP US 25.09 Trade
OSW OneSpaWorld Holdings Limited US 13.77 Trade
SILK Silk Road Medical Inc US 33.99 Trade
PUYI Puyi Inc US 6.10 Trade
CYCN Cyclerion Therapeutics Inc US 15.56 Trade
RUHN Ruhnn Hldg Shs Sponsored American Depositary Receipt Repr 5 Shs -A- US 6.66 Trade
HHHH Wealthbridge Acquisition Ltd US 10.05 Trade
TUFN Tufin Software Technologies Ltd. US 22.03 Trade
TRWH Twin River Worldwide Holdings Inc US 32.90 Trade
WFC-PV Wells Fargo Depositary Shs Repr 1/1000th 6 % Non-Cum Perp Pfd Shs -A-Series -V- US 26.17 Trade
PSA-PZ Public Storage US 25.28 Trade
JMIA Jumia Technologies AG US 35.15 Trade
APO-A Apollo Global Management LLC US 25.00 Trade
EMBI Emerald Bioscience Inc US 0.67 Trade
HERTF Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp US 0.44 Trade
GXYYY Galaxy Entertain Shs Unsponsored American Depositary Receipt Repr 5 Shs US 37.77 Trade
CRYYF China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation Ltd US 0.78 Trade
DHCPW Ditch Hldg Wt 01.28 US 0.00 Trade
AITA Wunong Asia Pacific Company Limited US 0.95 Trade
CLDP Cloud Peak Energy Inc US 0.07 Trade
THAI Index Oil & Gas Inc US 0.00 Trade


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