Barclay’s analysts warning against hype in Netflix, Google, and More!

Barclay’s financial analysts are regarded as some of the best in the world; it is no coincidence that they are one of the most respected capital management firms around. Usually when they make a recommendation, there is a good reason.

Today they have made a recommendation that came as a surprise; Google ([htmwquote]GOOG[/htmwquote]), Facebook ([htmwquote]FB[/htmwquote]), and Netflix ([htmwquote]NFLX[/htmwquote]) are on their list of big, high-growth companies that might be worth a short sale.

Their findings are based on the fact that these companies have stock prices that are based largely on potential earnings growth, which can always fail to reach expectations, while its p/e ratio laggs behind most other stable stocks when considering its earnings today.

See their full recommendation list on Bloomberg.

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