Investors interested in in-depth research with detailed resources covering the largest online financial communities should check out All research is covered in real-time, so be sure to watch, search and participate.

Two of the largest financial social communities are brought together via financial message boards and stock-related tweets. BoardCentral supplies tools to help you understand the extensive information hidden. They help you figure out all stock-related activities and then develop real-time and historical Buzz indexes by highlighting the most researched and talked about stocks in the social financial circle. By keeping an eye on these indexes, you’ll know which stocks are worthy of your attention and sometimes even prior to the news hitting the wire.

BoardCentral will deliver specific topic and accumulation of real-time streams of tweets and message board activities for the OTC and NASDAQ-NYSE-AMEX listed stocks and ETFs and Forex securities.

Investors have to be aware of a single message posted on a stock’s message board. It is able to drive a company’s share price way up or it can crash. Keep an eye on different message boards and and be sure to watch Twitter streams, here investors may ask questions, post comments and talk with each other and share information commonly not available by any other avenues. In the real-time world, investors with the best information will profit most.

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