An entire field of study known as “technical analysis” focuses on examining ways to discover clues to see if a stock is anticipated to go up or down based on past stock chart action. Actually, companies like Recognia were based entirely on doing stock chart analysis. No one can have foresight to the future and to predict accurately or reliably. However, if you are able to predict correctly more often than wrong, you’re already winning. It’s equivalent to calculating your odds at their highest in an online casino. As long as your estimates are greater than others, over time you’ll win.

There are many players in the field of technical analysis. Many try to figure out how much value there is to technical analysis. This website will help the people who think they are skilled at technical analysis might test those skills.

When you play ChartGame, the computer shows you a arbitrary historical stock chart of an real large cap (S&P 500) security, without announcing which company and what time period the chart represents.

You’re given the chance to disclose the stock chart one day at a time, then you’ll decide to either “buy” or “sell” the stock at different times. After a maximum of one year is played for the security, then the real name of the company as well as the time period the graph was for is then revealed. At that point you’ll move on to another stock chart for another unknown company and time period. You’re evaluated on the profit you made over the time you were invested. The computer compares you to a strategy of “buy and hold” on the stocks you played. Your aim is to beat that.

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