Finance Websites

Here are some popular Finance Websites to help you get the information you need and advance your trading even further.

List of Finance Websites:

Quotes, news, tools

  • Google Finance – user friendly charts, screeners, news. This is powered by Google, and allows exporting of some historical data. They even have an API if you want to integrate it with stock picking software
  • Yahoo Finance – user friendly charts, screeners, news, options, bonds. Yahoo! Finance is a source we use often for some of the latest-breaking investment news stories
  • Barchart – technical charts, news, futures, options, Forex
  • Stockwatch – quotes and news
  • Nasdaq – quotes, news, analyst ratings, lots of information
  • TheGlobeandMail – quotes, charts, ratings, news
  • MarketWatch – quotes, charts, news, personal finance
  • Bloomberg – quotes, news
  • Reuters – quotes, news
  • Ino – quotes, news,futures
  • Zacks – screeners, news, earnings
  • The Street – quotes, cramer, news
  • Wall Street Journal – quotes, news

News and Blogs

Futures and Commodities



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