How To Create Successful E-Commerce Product Listings

So you have a got a loan, set up a website, ordered your products and now you’re ready to start your e-commerce business. Here are a few tips on how to make sure you convert your audience into customers.

In retail, how you present your product matters, especially when selling online. In e-commerce, customers are unable to handle and try on the item, so how it is presented is essential in making a sale.

While the average order values are higher on desktop, every second counts when you are trying to capture your visitors’ attention. Eye-catching content can be the difference between browsing and a sale.

It’s All In A Name

The name is the most important part of the listing. As a rule of thumb, keep it short and snappy, clear and concise, making sure you cover all the necessary information, like size, colours availability. While it is important to have a description that stands out, if it is too long, wordy or confusing, people will lose interest.

While SEO is important, if it doesn’t appeal to the consumer, you might not make the sale. The best way to appear in the page rankings is to use keywords that customers search for when searching for similar products.

Price It Well

One of the first things a customer does when they spot an item they like is to check the price. Pricing plays a key role in a customer’s decision to make a purchase. Make sure the pricing visible and if it is on sale make sure you draw extra attention to that. Consumers love a bargain and it might just be the deciding factor in the final sale.

Along with pricing, make sure any additional benefits such as free delivery, next day delivery or an easy returns policy are visible, this will show how quickly and easily someone can have the item if they order today!

Eye-catching Visuals

Product photos are critical in providing the consumer confidence that the product is what it says it is, that is why important that you get multiple angles of your product. Use whitespace to help draw the consumers attention to what matters the most, your product. A zoom feature is also a good idea, as it gives the buyer a chance to take a better look at the details of the product, this is especially important for more expensive items.

If you have the time and budget, making a video is often more engaging, helping you to tell a story about your product while giving a 360 view.

Customer Testimonies

Having testimonies or proof that your product is what it says it is will instil confidence in your prospective customers. This can come in the form of reviews, customer testimonials, ratings or likes. Regardless of the type, it shows your clients that you are reliable and sell good quality products.

A Clear Call To Action

Make sure that on your page the ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Checkout’ buttons eyecatching, clear, consistent and most importantly highly visible. These are buttons that your customer has been conditioned to look for and are the final step between the customer liking the product and making the purchase.

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