Learn To Trade Mutual Funds

Learning how Mutual Funds work and how to trade Mutual Funds is easier than you might think. But before you can run you need to walk, and to help you get started we have pulled together this list key concepts that you should understand before you risk your real money. Take your time reading through this list, and make sure you use the HowTheMarketWorks (HTMW) free stock market game to practice trading with a $100,000 of virtual money while you study these concepts.


Intro to Mutual Funds
Why Trade Mutual Funds
Most popular Mutual Funds
Mutual Fund Strategies
Mutual Fund Screener
Dollar Cost Averaging
Understanding Fees

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mutual funds intermediate INTERMEDIATE

Loaded Mutual Fund
No Load Mutual Fund
Open End vs Closed End Funds
Largest Mutual Fund Families
Using Morningstar to Research Funds


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