HTMW Update – Fall 2019

The Fall 2019 semester is almost here, and we’ve been busy over the summer! Here’s a highlight of some of the awesome new features we’ve been working on – with more on the way!

Feature 1: Class Management Report

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to lead a classroom of students who forgot their passwords? Maybe, but at least this will be a thing of the past!

Our new “Manage Users” page is a new report for teachers. You can see a list of every student in your class contest, plus handy administration tools. You can now edit the usernames of every student, and reset any student’s password at any time! This is a new button on your “My Contests” page, right next to your teacher rankings and download buttons.


Feature 2: Generate Accounts

That’s right – we added a whole new way for teachers to get their students added to their class! On HTMW, we always give teachers a registration link to share with their students, then the students pick their own username and password to register. However, not every school wants students to enter their names or email addresses when registering, so we also added in a way for teachers to request logins!

As part of the new “Manage Users” page, teachers can also request student accounts. Just tell us a prefix, and we’ll give you as many usernames and passwords as you need! Distribute them to your students and they can log in and start trading without entering any personal information.

Once the accounts are created, you can then customize each username and reset passwords, just like regular student accounts. How refreshingly easy!

Feature 3: Fewer Ads

Thanks to generous contributions from our sponsors, we were able to remove pop-up ads from HTMW! The site is still supported by advertising, but now is less intrusive for classrooms.

If you are interested in removing ads entirely, and want access to our personal budgeting game, 300+ lesson curriculum library (with built-in assessments), Career and Internship center, Investing101 course, full teacher reports, and revamped student trading, check out our premium version at!

If you haven’t set up your classes for this fall yet, make sure to log in and do it now!

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