neoticker real time technical analysis platform

NeoTicker® is a real-time technical analysis platform focuses on advanced technologies, robustness and scalability. NeoTicker® is the preferred solution by demanding traders all over the world. Our users understand that in today’s market, NeoTicker® provides competitive advantages with innovative features and cutting edge technologies.


The Most Comprehensive Platform Nowadays

NeoTicker is feature rich. It has so many features that most users in the beginning can only utilize a small portion of its capabilities. As their usage experiences grow, so do their abilities in learning and applying other features in their daily trading. The more sophisticated the users are, the more likely they would appreciate the power they can unleash from the application.

We have compiled a list of usage solutions in the right side bar. By no means we have covered all possibilities. Click on the ones you want to learn more, that will give you a glimpse of what NeoTicker can do for you.

Absolute Edge from Superior Technologies

At TickQuest, we do not just produce a software that works. We make it our mission to produce software thatworks for you. You can say that a trading platform that gives you fancy charting and order placement, etc. works, but such software does not work for you.

As a research company, we transform our latest research results into applied technologies that you can utilize and profit from. Only NeoTicker gives you the power of our discoveries in trading research.

Take a look at the Technologies listing at the right side bar. Not only that they are uniquely available from NeoTicker only, they can also empower you with absolute trading edge in the markets today.

Education and Research from the Leader in Finance Technology Research

Over the years, our principle in software development is that important new features have to be done so that breakthru technologies carry the breakthru knowledge we have obtained in our research work.

Since what we have accomplished in our research work is not readily available knowledge anywhere else, the burden to educate the public also lands on our shoulder. We are proud to share our research results. First, NeoTicker users can better utilize the cuttng edge technologies we have created. Second, the trading communities as a whole would benefit from our unique perspective in the dynamics of the trading markets.

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