Offshore company

Operating an offshore company is an important tool for asset protection and tax mitigation. However, offshore company structures are often or easily misunderstood. Forming an offshore company or corporation means setting up the business in a country different from the one you reside. Normally, legal documents to form the offshore company should be filed in a government office in that jurisdiction. These documents must be filed by a licensed organization hired to help in the formation process. These documents include articles of association and articles of incorporation. They must contain proper company’s name, correct legal wording, and registration information. A declaration of a registered agent in the country may also be required. All these must adhere to local corporate document submission standards so that they are accepted by the registrar.

Offshore company formation in Dubai
A Dubai offshore company could be a reasonable option to take advantage of a stable economy, perfect banking amenities, tax exemption, along with attractive regulatory framework of the UAE. The UAE is made up of seven emirates: Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al-Quwain. Dubai Will offer you an ideal environment for your offshore business.

Requirements for offshore company formation in Dubai
• Company formation in Dubai demands a minimum of two shareholders.
• For the formation to go through, the physical presence of the two shareholders is required.
• An audit is important for a Dubai offshore company.
• The cost of company formation is favorable.

The process of offshore company formation
Corporate law is the invention of human imagination. Therefore, the documents and the protocol which you must follow to establish an offshore corporation will vary from one jurisdiction to the next. It is therefore in your best interest to hire a company knowledgeable and experienced in matters of offshore company incorporation so that your company is filed correctly, legally, and promptly.

This is what might be required for offshore company formation
• Company’s initial license fee
• Corporate seal
• Registered agent for service of process
• Corporate record book containing all legally required documents
• Government fee for the incorporation

GWS Middle East FZE is a licensed international corporate service provider dedicated to helping its customers find perfect offshore structures and take advantage of economic and tax benefits offered in UAE. They help their clients with offshore company formation in Dubai, Britain, Ras Al Khaimah, and other destinations where investors find attractive.

GWS specializes in:
• Offshore company formation in Dubai and the entire UAE in just 2-4 working days
• Professional business consultancy
• Professional company management
• Full nominee services
• Offshore bank account opening

Company Formation in Dubai and other destinations calls for a company experienced and knowledgeable in the formation requirements and incorporation procedure in that jurisdiction. GWS with years of experience and collaboration with other industry players, such as corporate attorneys, legal consultants, and tax advisors, ensures that the process of company formation in Dubai is seamless and without bottlenecks.

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