Our Old Site Is Now Simvest.com!

This week we are finally putting our new site to the full domain! You can now access the brand-new version of HowTheMarketWorks at www.howthemarketworks.com. If you have bookmarks saved to new.www.howthemarketworks.com, they will still work fine.

The old site, which hundreds of thousands of our active users know and love, has been moved to www.simvest.com. We will continue to support the old version if you wish to continue managing your portfolio, make trades, or create contests on the old site, but we do not plan on releasing any new features or updates to the old platform.

To celebrate the new site, we will be having a huge trading contest, where you can compete against a portfolio of Blue Chip stocks built by the HowTheMarketWorks team! There will be $500 in prizes, and every participant who beats the HTMW team will get a coupon for our Investing101 beginners investing course.

blue chip

As always, we have been putting in place tons of small changes every week. Happy trading!

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