Sierra Chart

Sierra Chart With Trading

Sierra Chart is a full-featured Trading and Charting program for Futures, Stocks, Forex, and Indexes. It is a powerful program which includes advanced trading through charts and a highly customizable Trading DOM. It supports both automated and manual trading.

Sierra Chart has many advanced features such as TPO charts, Numbers Bars, Volume Profiles, Bid and Ask Volume analysis indicators, all included. No add-ons are required for these.

Sierra Chart is known for its efficiency. It uses minimal system resources, and is extremely fast. It is a very stable program that you can rely on for trading. It also supports numerous external Data and Trading services. It provides its own historical market data and real-time Forex and CFD data. To add to this, there is 37 drawing tools and over 300 indicators. It has full-featured Quote Boards. It supports customizable alerts and scanning.

They also supports both historical Daily and Intraday chart types. With numerous bar types including Tick, Volume, Range, Reversal, and Renko bars and numerous bar drawing styles.

Sierra Chart – Numbers Bars
  • supports custom indicator and automated trading system development using its C++ based language.
  • contains full-featured Spreadsheet functionality for custom indicators and automated trading systems.
  • is a well-regarded trading program which is trusted by traders and brokers throughout the world.
  • supports complete logging of trading activity, detailed Trade Reporting and Statistics.
  • is easy to get started with and use.

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