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Easily Create Stock Market Charts

Stock Chart Wizard As an investor, you need software that can create stock market charts. You want to download data so you can create charts throughout the trading session. This software can create any kind of indicators that are important to you so that you can make buy, sell, or short decisions. Stock Chart Wizard also has historical data available!

Stock Charting Software Made Easy

Stock Chart Wizard is simple and easy to use with no extra fees for downloading data. Stock Chart Wizard has its own graphical chart engine built-in, and downloads historical data to your hard drive so you can analyze it any time you wish. Download for a free stock charting software trial.

Uses Free Historical Data

Stock Chart Wizard uses freely available market data on the internet and presents technical charts and indicators. There’s nothing to sign up for, no monthly subscription fees– the data is all free! Just load Stock Chart Wizard, enter the stock ticker for the stock and Stock Chart Wizard will retrieve the data free of charge from the internet. From then on, you can display free stock charts and indicators.

Stock Charts and Indicators

Stock Chart Wizard is an easy-to-use stock charts software package. You can select to display your free stock market charts as:

Line Chart (Closing Prices)

Turn on the Cross hairs data line to display daily prices and volumes, then select from several moving averages and indicators, including:

Simple Moving Averages
Exponential Moving Averages
Bollinger Bands
Compare to other stock or average
MACD Histogram
Slow Stochastic

Watch Lists
You can create as many watch lists in Stock Chart Wizard as you like. Enter stock tickers into a spreadsheet, press the update button, and Stock Chart Wizard will update all the watch lists with the most popular data, including: change, last price, volume, last open, high, low and more. Free stock charts software has never been easier!

Export Data

You can export data from Stock Chart Wizard in ASCII format using the export utility! Can be useful if you desire to view the data in Microsoft Excel.

Screen Shots
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