Timing The Market: How to Profit in Bull and Bear Markets with Technical Analysts

Timing the market Profit in both Bull and Bear Market How to profit in Bull and Bear markets with technical analysis. This groundbreaking work discusses all the major technical indicators and shows how to put the indicators together in order to provide excellent buy and sell signals in any market. One of the best-written, most accessible books on technical analysis ever published.

Lifted by Anna Fields’s intelligent reading of the complicated material, this investment lesson describes almost every possible predictor of movement in the major categories of investment. Though sounding at first like too much information, it comes together; this is actually a graduate-level course for the analytic investor who wants to leave nothing to chance. The three CDs have the section titles listed for easy referencing. Once the indicators make sense, the suggested homework may require more time and diligence than most people can muster. But for listeners so inclined, there are few, if any, investment audios that are more sophisticated, compact, and accessible

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