The Blue Chip Summer Challenge

If you missed out, you can get the details on our latest monthly challenge, where you can win cash prizes by learning about investing, on our Contests Page (Click Here)!

The Top 5 performers by portfolio value were:

  1. RiskOn +43.80%
  2. igorski123 +41.97%
  3. Michael +28.19%
  4. nickbrown +15.58%
  5. dancegirl +11.14%

The HTMW Team Finishers were:

  • 318th: psimard -0.79%
  • 338th: ksmith -1.42%
  • 336th: TeamHTMW -1.86%
  • 338th: Rossman -2.01%

See The Trading Strategies From This Contest!

Phil Simard’s Blue Chip Investment Strategy - Final Rank: 318 / 518 Final Portfolio Value: $992,114,784.48 (-0.79%) Investment Strategy For The Blue Chip Investment Contest Since time was very limited for me in the Blue Chip Investment Challenge. I just tried to get as much profit as possible by trading SPXU and other triple leveraged ETF’s and trying to time the market. Read More...
Ross Lo Giudice’s Blue Chip Challenge Investment Strategy - Final Rank: 338 / 518 Final Portfolio Value: $979,922,717.88 (-2.01%) Investment Strategy For This Contest I don’t know if what I did even qualifies as strategy. I purchased about 20 or stocks that were familiar and then I closed my eyes and crossed my fingers. The end result was losses across the board that ranged Read More...
Kevin Smith’s Blue Chip Challenge Investment Strategy - Final Rank: 331 / 518 Final Portfolio Value: $985,785,982.85 (-1.42%) Investment Strategy For This Contest This was a contest where I wanted to go big or crash hard. The news leading up to the contest was dominated by the crash in oil prices, so I figured that there would probably be a rebound coming soon. Read More...
Team HTMW Blue Chip Challenge Investment Strategy - Final Rank: 336 / 518 Final Portfolio Value: $981,381,149.90 (-1.86%) Investment Strategy For This Contest We picked blue chip stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and tried to balance analyst ratings, Price/Earnings (P/E) ratios, the latest news, and our own instincts. Even though there were only 30 stocks to choose from, it took hours to Read More...

About The Challenge

“Blue Chip” companies are the leaders in their field, and have assets of $1 billion or more. So this Summer, HowTheMarketWorks is giving you a billion dollars in virtual money to trade any US stocks, and try to beat our team!

The HowTheMarketWorks Team is building our own portfolio, made up of stocks that make up the Dow-Jones Industrial Average. To learn more about the DOW, which stocks are in it, and company information for all of them, Click Here!

Even better, the portfolio of the HowTheMarketWorks Team, along with all our trades, will be public in the Contest Forums for everyone to see!


A Summer Trading Challenge wouldn’t be complete without prizes! Here’s what you can win:

  • The Top 5 portfolios will receive $100 Amazon gift cards
  • Every portfolio that beats the HowTheMarketWorks Team will receive a gift certificate for Investing101, along with a certificate showing their achievement
  • We will give out a random prize from our Shop to one random participant every week


  1. You can only trade US stocks and ETFs
  2. There will be a full audit at the end of the competition on all winners to verify any corrections due to stock splits, dividends, or any other corporate action our team may have missed. Only legitimate portfolio returns will be counted in the ranking.
  3. The usernames of the winners will be made public, but not their actual first name, last name, nor email address.
  4. No member of the HowTheMarketWorks Team is eligable for any prizes

Register For The Challenge!

If you are already a member of the new HowTheMarketWorks site, go to the “Contests” page and search for “Summer Blue Chip Challenge!” and join the contest!

If you have not registered to the new site, you can register and join the contest directly if you Click Here!

I’m A Teacher. What Is The Value Of This Contest For My Students?

Everything on HowTheMarketWorks is designed around education, and this challenge is no exception. In addition to the valuable experience your students can get from managing their own portfolio, our team will also be posting the reasons why we make every trade in the Team HowTheMarketWorks portfolio in the contest forums, so all participants get real exposure to some of the biggest factors that go into a stock purchase.

All teachers are also encouraged to participate! In addition to the same learning benefits everyone has, teachers will get a great primer on all the new features on our site, and if they win, $100 for classroom supplies never hurts!

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