Vardy’s The Alpha Investor Letter

Vardys-The-Alpha-Investor-Letter Just like the world’s elite analysts subscribe to The Alpha Investor Letter, every day investors are able to profit from the same investments they do. The best stocks are shared with you in his monthly newsletter. With Vardy’s insightful guidance you will receive hundreds of global and domestic stocks which are listed in the U.S. that can easily be purchase such as IBM or Home Depot. This way you’ll get full access to profitable investments, wherever they might be.

Nicholas Vardy is affiliated with the Eagle Financial Publications group of financial advisors. Many call him The Global Guru because of his knowledge in the international investing circle. He utilizes his exclusive background and high-profile contacts to give the investor an insider view of profitable investment opportunities in the global market. He is the also the editor of The Global Guru, The Alpha Investor Letter, Bull Market Alert and Dividend Pro. He’s also established the London Junto, a monthly accumulation in London’s hedge fund community where head investment professionals gather together. They have over $50 billion of hedge fund assets which meet to discuss the investment issues of the day. It has rapidly established it’s reputation as the ultimate in sophistication investment forum of its kind.

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