Why Schools Upgrade To PersonalFinanceLab.com


We have worked hard to make HowTheMarketWorks.com is the best free stock market game – and it always will be! But did you know that there is a premium version of HTMW available with even more awesome tools to take your class to a whole new level?

Its true, and its called Personal Finance Lab!

Click the cards below to see the biggest reasons to upgrade to Personal Finance Lab next semester!

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No Ads, No Distractions


Our HTMW stock game is open to the public, and supported by advertising. That is great because we can keep it free, but can be a disadvantage for schools. Our Personal Finance Lab version strips away all the advertising – speeding up the site and keeping 100% of the focus on education. Big, chunky spaces for portfolio information (and rankings), more emphasis on assignments, research, and learning, and lightning-fast page loads are some of the first things you’ll notice!

PFinLab is also completely optimized for iPads and chromebooks – with a completely schools-first approach.[/expand] [expand id=”ex-report” title=”Teacher Reports ” swaptitle=”Click To Collapse” trigclass=”arrowright”]

Teacher Reports


Personal Finance Lab gives teachers a TON of new reports for their classes. See activity charts when students most frequently log in and trade, get the grade books of their quiz progress, or even use the custom report builder to get exactly what you need! You can also reset student passwords, give extra cash for class participation, change usernames, and much, much more![/expand] [expand id=”ex-budget” title=”Budgeting Game – NEW! ” swaptitle=”Click To Collapse” trigclass=”arrowright”]

Budgeting Game

New for Fall 2019, the Budgeting Game on Personal Finance Lab is a whole new way to teach about personal budgets and cash flow! The budgeting game puts your student in the role of a college student with a part-time job, working through a simulated year. Each “month” of the game takes about 20 minutes to complete, and students are constantly asked to make decisions that impact their personal finances. The goal of each student is to transfer as much money from checking into savings as possible, maximize their credit score, and make sure they put enough time and effort into school to get their dream job afterwards!

Get more information about the Budgeting Game[/expand] [expand id=”ex-curr” title=”300+ Lesson, Customizable, Standards-Aligned Curriculum ” swaptitle=”Click To Collapse” trigclass=”arrowright”]

300+ Lesson Customizable, Standards-Aligned Curriculum


If you have ever used Assignments on HTMW, you know how powerful they can be! The Personal Finance Lab curriculum library has over 300 standards-aligned lessons that you can customize for your class. Every lesson includes an assessment with saved grades – with articles, videos, calculators, and much more waiting for your class! Lessons are aligned to both state and national standards for Personal Finance, Economics, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Finance, and Career Development – mix and match for your class!

To make it even better, Personal Finance Lab includes a library of customizable lesson plans, giving teachers ready-made powerpoints, class activities, reading material, group activities, and discussion points for a wide variety of topics across each of our primary subject areas.

See how we align to standards[/expand] [expand id=”ex-trade” title=”Supercharged Stock Game” swaptitle=”Click To Collapse” trigclass=”arrowright”]

Supercharged Stock Game

trading page

This is where it gets really cool – the supercharged trading on Personal Finance Lab is specifically enhanced for use in the classroom. Some of the sweet changes you’ll find include:

  • Simple and Advanced chart types – beginner students keep it simple with color codes, while your overachievers can switch over to “advanced” with technical indicators, multiple chart types, and more!
  • Built-In Research – Get company profiles, company news, analyst ratings, price history, and financial statements all built right into the trading page. One-stop research depot!
  • Faster – No ads, so the pages load and orders execute nearly instantly, every time
  • Global – Go beyond North America! Personal Finance Lab lets teachers include international exchanges from Latin America, Europe, Asia, and everywhere else (over 30 countries to choose from)
  • Bonds – Personal Finance Lab also includes corporate and treasury bond trading, filling in the 3rd essential portfolio component for beginners.
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Integrates With Hardware


Personal Finance Lab also integrates with LCD screens and tickers to transform your classroom into a fully-fledged Personal Finance or Business Lab! The PFinLab widget packs can broadcast your class rankings, put in a student-led watchlist, show personal finance, investing, economics, and accounting “words of the day”, currency charts, business news, school announcements, and a LOT more!

Learn more about transforming your classroom[/expand] [expand id=”ex-price” title=”Pricing” swaptitle=”Click To Collapse” trigclass=”arrowright”]


Single Class License (Up To 50 students per year)

  • $649 Per Year (Premium Stock Game + Curriculum)
  • $995 Including Personal Budgeting Simulation

Micro License (Up To 100 students per year)

  • $995 Per Year (Premium Stock Game + Curriculum)
  • $1,495 Including Personal Budgeting Simulation

Mini License (Up To 250 students per year)

  • $1,995 Per Year (Premium Stock Game + Curriculum)
  • $2,995 Including Personal Budgeting Simulation

Full License (Up To 1000 students per year)

  • $3,995 Per Year (Premium Stock Game + Curriculum)
  • $5,995 Including Personal Budgeting Simulation

Widgets for LCD Screens

  • $360 Per Year (For Up To 3 Screens)

Did we pique your interest? Great! Schedule a demo with This Link, and request a quote for your school using the form below!


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