Catalyst Stocks

How We Started A Service that Actually Works

Catalyst software After trading stocks for some time I realized that it didn’t matter how good of a trader or investor you are. What really matters is what stocks you’re trading and how to find out what stocks are going to go up. You can sit at a computer researching stocks for 16 hours a day without being able to pick a single winner. I knew there had to be common threads in stocks that increased in value so I set out to determine what all these winners had in common. With a strong background in science and technology I was able to find multiple commonalities in these winning stocks. Since this information was of great value, I decided to launch a service to provide the information to others. The Catalyst Stocks service was launched.

Like any successful business, you have to fulfill a need or a want. We saw a huge need for a stock picking service that actually works.

What stock to buy has always been the hardest part of investing. Have you tried numerous web sites, programs, systems and books with little or no success? We did too. For years we spent countless hours researching the stock market and trying to find a way to figure out which stocks were going to go up and try to buy them before they did.

Our years of experience and hard work have paid off. We have put together a system of selecting stocks, what we call “Catalyst Stocks” that are about to make explosive moves. Most of these stocks have some kind of a catalyst or positive news that drives the stock up. But it isn’t that simple. We’re sure you’ve seen positive news come out about a company and then seen the shares plummet for some unknown reason. We use a powerful array of fundamental and technical analysis, our proprietary system and experience to select stocks that are highly likely to go up each market day. It is time for you to profit. Stop wasting your time and money.

You’ve tried the rest, now have the best. We’re so confident in our stock selections that we guarantee a positive percentage gain for the month or your money back.

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