This platform can create 3D charts, perform automatic trades, work with 17 data feed services, deliver a powerful back testing tool and much more. This Award winning software can even develop a chart with information collected from more than one data source.

What’s most incredible about this software is it’s ease of use and full customization of nearly everything. High resolution might not seem like an important feature but it really does make a difference when you have to make split second decisions based on narrow changes in the market, it really can make the difference between a profitable trade and a losing trade.

Another incredible feature is that you can customize your charts to be with the broker you wish giving you even further customization. There is a list of approximately twenty well known brokerages allowing you to find the best price and fit possible.

MultiCharts also has the ability to compose many charts at once quickly and is one of the most advanced in the business. They also give you a lot of power in automating your trades so that you can not only take the emotions out of trading, but compete with the big boys on Wall Street.

This day trading software is ideal for those who desire a high level of chart customization, the ability to utilize multiple data streams and automatic trading options.

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