Cryptocurrency Trading Enhancements

Cryptocurrency trading has been part of HTMW for several years, but we’ve made some important updates for Fall 2023!

Cryptocurrency Trading Pit

Until now, cryptocurrency trading has been combined with our Stocks and ETFs trading page. This was less than ideal, since there are different data points that are relevant for quotes and research for cryptocurrencies vs other types of investments.

With this enhancement, cryptocurrency has its own dedicated trading page, which we will continue to refine for a more realistic crypto trading experience.

HTMW Cryptocurrency trading pit

New Crypto Rules

Now that crypto has its own trading pit, we now also allow teachers to set separate trading rules for crypto. This includes crypto-specific commissions, position limits (how much students can invest in any one single crypto), and diversification rules (how much students can invest in cryptocurrencies as a whole).

This means you can, for example, enable cryptocurrency for your class, but limit students to only 10% of their portfolio in any 1 crypto coin, and only 25% of their portfolio in crypto as a whole.

We hope this enhancement gives teachers even more control over their class! Happy Trading!

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