Insperity PEO: A Review for 2019

PEOs come in all shapes and sizes, but one organization that seems to stand out consistently among its competition is Insperity. The company has gained a reputation for itself in the PEO industry as a dedicated, quality-committed, customer service-oriented organization that can serve your PEO needs with care and precision. From payroll to risk management, Insperity has plenty to offer any business looking for PEO services. Here is an honest review of Insperity for 2019. If you’re looking for PEO services in California, you can find a California PEO company on

Flexibility Is Insperity’s Strong Point

One of the best things about Insperity is the company’s ability to customize the PEO experience for specific businesses. Whether you just need payroll and benefits services, or the whole nine yards, Insperity will work to tailor a service package to fit your individual needs.


Insperity is a great choice for small businesses looking to alleviate some of the stress of managing things like payroll. With a per employee pricing structure, you’ll be saving plenty of money as opposed to hiring a full-time payroll or HR staff.

Per-employee pricing means you’ll be able to better plan your finances for the coming months without having to worry about surprise fees or costs. Per-employee prices are normally one flat rate for each employee, which again, still amounts to less than the salary for an entire full-time HR staff.

Insperity’s Services

Insperity offers several services for the small business owner. Each of these is tailored to meet your business’s specific needs.


Tired of managing payroll and benefits packages? Insperity offers professional payroll management that will not only help minimize errors (and therefore IRS fees) but also keep everything in compliance.

Maintaining compliance is vital to the success of your business. Costly tax fees and non-compliance fees can slow down your growth and hold the business back from its true potential.

HR Services

Recruitment and onboarding are also covered with Insperity. The company will help with hiring new employees, training them, and even developing training materials and handbooks for your company. This makes for one less thing you have to worry about as the owner, leaving time for growing your business.

Risk Management

Every business carries risk, especially if you’re doing business in high-risk industries. With Insperity, you’ll have access to an essential resource for minimizing risk in the workplace. From training programs to workers’ compensation claims and return to work programs, Insperity has you covered. They also offer comprehensive risk-assessments to identify key areas in your business where risk is highest.

Better Benefits Packages

What brings quality candidates to your doorstep? A great benefits package. In fact, benefits packages can mean the difference between high turnover rates and high employee retention rates in small businesses. Providing benefits to your employees lets them know that you find them valuable and that they’re working for a quality organization.

Insperity has the ability to offer some great benefits packages, considering the employees from their various partners are pooled together. The more employees, the better the rates. Benefits such as healthcare will be much cheaper and of higher quality. The only drawback to Insperity’s health options is that they’re provided by one service so the choices can be pretty limited.

…And Many More

To list every one of Insperity’s great benefits would require an article all its own, so we’ve listed only the basic and most widely used services the company offers. Other services include employee scheduling, performance reviews and more. For more information, please visit

Customer Support

Insperity provides excellent customer support staff that are dedicated to ensuring your experience with the company is top-notch. The well-trained support staff includes experts in the fields of human resources, risk management, etc, so you’ll be able to speak with the right person to best answer your question or concern.

Customer service is one of the biggest components of any successful business, and Insperity proves why they’re one of the largest companies in the industry through their excellent customer service.

Thousands Trust Insperity For Their Business Needs

Insperity has an enormous customer base of over 100,000 companies and services around two million employees. It is one of the largest and most popular PEO services available in the United States, focusing on great customer service and excellent resources to make your PEO experience one of a kind.

A Great Online Platform

Some PEOs have difficult online portals to navigate for both the employees and employers. This can make the payroll or any other HR services difficult to perform, but with Insperity, you get access to an easy to navigate, intuitive online platform.

The platform includes some great tools for your business as well, such as employee time management and even performance review information.

Is a PEO Service Right For Your Business?

Whether you’ve got only a few employees are a few hundred, a PEO service has many features that could benefit your business and your employees. Your workforce will appreciate a well managed, error-free payroll and benefits process, as well as the higher-quality benefits packages you’ll be able to offer.

Not only that, but using a PEO for your HR and payroll needs ensures you’re always in compliance with the IRS and avoid any fees associated with bad reporting. Before you choose a PEO service, be sure to do a detailed assessment of your business’s needs and research the company you wish to partner with. Don’t leave something like payroll to chance!

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