How to build a $1,500 Financial Literacy Lab at your school

Finance Lab

Transforming your classroom into a Financial Literacy Lab is one of the most effective ways to get students excited about Personal Finance, Economics, and Business classes. Each year, we get hundreds of request from schools around the world looking for the most impactful ways to get their lab started – and more importantly how to manage the initial set-up cost.

Finance Lab

If you are not already familiar with the Lab concept, you can check out our short white paper by clicking here, which explains how and why labs work, and some of the steps to take when building one at your school.

The $1,500 Lab

If you want to get your lab off the ground this Summer, start with the $1,500 Lab! This lab has 4 core components:

  • Ad-free stock market game
  • 300+ lesson Personal Finance, Economics, Business, and Investing curriculum library
  • Customizable personal budgeting simulation
  • MarketInsight Display
  • Fun, Educational Posters

A 50-student license for all of these core components costs less than $1,500 per year!

Ad-Free Stock Market Game and Customizable Curriculum In One

pfin logo

If you are already familiar with the HTMW stock market game, imagine everything kicked up to 11! Our site has a supercharged version of our cutting-edge stock market game. Major improvements include:

  • Absolutely no ads
  • 10+ new Teacher Reports, giving you a complete picture of your class activities
  • Over 300 new lessons in the Assignments library, for Personal Finance, Economics, and Business classes
  • Integrated Investing101 Beginner’s Investing Course, a self-contained investing unit teaching students how to invest on their own
  • More security types, like international stocks, bonds, and options
  • …and much more!

The stand-alone license for 50 students per year on is $645/year – making this the easiest and most cost-effective way to take your current Personal Finance, Economics, and Business classes to the next level. Licenses are also available for 100, 250, or up to 1000 students per year.

Click Here for more information, or Click Here to request a quote!

Personal Budgeting Simulation

budget simulation

New for Fall 2019, will also feature a new Personal Budgeting Game!

The new budgeting game puts your students in the role of a college student with a part-time job covering one simulated year. Students need to manage the variable income from their job with variable monthly expenses (like rent and tuition), while trying to build up their net worth, credit score, and social life. As the teacher, you can use the Assignments tool to require your students to take certain actions as part of the game, like paying their credit card bill on time or taking a weekend off to study.

The Budgeting Game is an add-on to the stock game and curriculum license. For 50 students, the add-on costs $322.50/year, or $967.50 per year for the complete stock game, curriculum, and budgeting game package.

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MarketInsight Display

This display screen is what really starts turning your classroom or computer lab into a true Finance Lab.

Lab Wall

This is an LCD screen that can rotate several financial “widgets” for your classes. The coolest part is that each MarketInsight is fully configurable – you choose what you want displayed! Click Here to see some options of what you can put on your MarketInsight Display.

If you already have a TV available, you can upgrade it to one of these displays by using a $129 Intel Stick, plus $360/year for our customizable Financial Widget Pack, letting you broadcast class rankings, streaming charts, watch lists, personal finance Terms of the Day, school announcements, and more.

Educational Posters

Educational Personal Finance and Economics posters are an awesome way to spice up your classroom, and the first step in its transformation into a Finance Lab. Best of all, the best posters are free for schools thanks to the Federal Reserve in Atlanta!

There are over 15 different posters to choose from – pick which ones you like, and they will ship directly to your school, free of charge. These posters are a free (and super easy) way to “Set the mood” of your classroom – making it one of the fundamental building blocks of a Lab.

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Bonus – LED Tickers

While they usually do not fit into the most basic labs, the crown jewel of bigger labs is a scrolling LED ticker, showing live market data, company logos, and more.

An 8-foot ticker costs about $5,200, 16-foot tickers cost about $10,000. Larger tickers are available in 4-foot increments. Each ticker also requires its own $499/year data feed.

Start Now!

If you want to get your lab running for next semester, take the first step and get started today!

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