Investopedia is one of the Web’s bigger sites focused mainly on investing education. The site’s creators, Cory Janssen and Cory Wagner, started in June 1999 as an unbiased investing resource. Based in Canada the site has becoming a well-respected source for financial information. The site was purchased in 2007 by a U.S. publishing company, Forbes and then resold to ValueClick in 2010.

Investopedia is a useful guide for market analysis, investing education, personal finance as well as offering free trading simulations. An extensive financial dictionary, exam prep materials and active trading strategies for investors are offered. The Investopedia Definitions features a clear English interpretation of hard to understand terms and concepts. The website now averages over 11 Million Unique Visitors and 40 Million Page views a month. There are numerous articles, dictionary entries and tutorials which cover multiple features in finance and investing.

Investopedia presents interactive tools like its popular stock market simulator. This allows individuals to put together a brokerage account with play money and trade publicly traded stocks with options on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and similar stock exchanges.

They also publish upward of 15 stock analysis pieces daily. The pieces are written by different authors and offers analysis as well as buying recommendations on stocks from all sectors.

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