has been a leading provider because of its technical analysis, stock picks, trading videos and an array of trading tools on the Web 2006. provides its members easy to understand stock trading videos entailing predicted strategies, trends and patterns to help you in your stock picks using technical analysis.

Patrick Hughes, Senior Chart Analyst is an expert in technical analysis and has a strong analytical background. He’s received a considerable following on the web by reason of his aptitude to forecast major turns far in advance, often within minutes. His 20 years of experience in chart analysis as well as being a student of the work of Gann, Michael Jenkins, and several other analysts; Patrick Hughes has proven his track record of locating small and mid cap stocks that offer exceptional gains. works hard to bring you honesty, integrity and professionalism. They’re committed to assisting investors with the knowledge and tools to increase your chances of picking winning trades daily. Having professional traders help you daily can be fun, educational and profitable.

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