Keep your portfolio when your tournament ends!

The first set of contests that were created on our new site are starting to come to an end, so this batch of new features is built for you!

From this point forward, once your contest ends, you can come back to your Open Positions page and look up your final values at any time. The Rankings page will also save your final values and your final rank, along with a new feature that lets you look at the rankings from any previous day in the contest.

We have also tweaked the rankings slightly – now users who have not placed any trades will not appear in your contest ranking, and if a user does not log in for 30 days, they will drop to the bottom of the list (showing a rank of 9999). This was put in place because we have had many requests for “inactive” portfolios to drop out of the rankings, both from public contests and classrooms where teachers do not want inactive students to feel like they are outperforming students who are constantly working to improve their portfolio.

We have also made tons of changes to the Education Center! The entire Education Center is now mobile-optimized, so you can see any of our articles on the go. We have also re-written many articles from scratch to make them more appropriate for our audience and dive in to a lot more detail. You can also now find some great interactive personal finance calculators, such as:

As a heads-up, we will be moving the new version of the site to the address over the Summer. If you have an account or portfolio on the old version, you won’t lose it, but you will need to change the address you use to log in.

As always, there have been tons of small changes and bug fixes every week, this only outlines the biggest additions we make to the site. Happy trading!

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