StockWiz is a stock software that specializes in data mining and screening. StockWiz has very flexible querying capabilities that can come in the ranking, screening or backtesting a trading strategy. Compared to other stock software products this program has some excellent features. The real strength of this software package is its searching and scanning capabilities when trying to locate U.S. stock that are worthy of trading. If the user plans to become proficient in the StockWiz formula and will be customizing and trading their own strategies then this is a package that should be given a test drive. StockWiz is a subscription-based model charging $19.95 on a monthly basis and $199.95 on an annual basis.

StockWiz Features in a Nutshell

  • Advanced Screening: Methodically search all US publicly traded companies for companies that meet your technical analysis, mathematical analysis and fundamental analysis criteria. Your screening can totally be customized with the help of the StockWiz formula language. Use the formula language to define your own calculations and then use the results in your screening.
  • Rank all companies: Rank all US publicly traded companies in an unlimited number of ways. Design your own reports with the top 20, 50 or 100 companies and pass them to your friends. Why just follow the 5 or 10 reports found in the daily newspapers?
  • Compare Industry Groups:StockWiz allows you to define an unlimited number of company groups. You can then very easily compare those groups and find the best performing industry, the worst performing, etc.
  • Back-testing made easy: Before you even place your money in the stock market, StockWiz allows you to play “what If I had invested” scenarios. In that way, you can see how a trading method would have performed. So, testing before investing is now easy.
  • Advanced Charting: Use StockWiz to produce many different types of charts. But instead of you looking at charts one after the other, just tell the program what conditions you are looking for, and let the program find all companies that meet your criteria!

What’s new in StockWiz 5

Here are some of the new features

  • We are using a new database engine – so daily updates now take less than a minute
  • There is only one “database” that contains both stocks and indices. By no longer using multiple database the use does not need to know or worry about databases. And by having stocks and indices (and anything else) in the same database, the user can easily mix indices and stocks in the same calculations.
  • We came up with a new formula language and retired the old formula language that was used in StockWiz 3 and StockWiz 4. The new formula language is like a spreadsheet formula language with the only exception that each operation is not on a single cell but on a single column.
  • All modules of StockWiz 5 are better tied together in terms of user interface.
  • StockWiz 5 can now harvest historical dividends and Earnings Per Share from Yahoo Finance(a free web site). StockWiz 5 can also harvest historical stock prices from Yahoo Finance and even allows you to compare those prices to the StockWiz historical stock prices.

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