AAII.com was founded by James Cloonan, Ph.D. in 1978. He firmly believed that individual investors equipped with productive investment education materials and dedication will help outperform the popular market averages. After thirty years AAII reports helping over 150,000 members in their investment returns that are regularly higher than those of the stock market as a whole.

Dr. Cloonan’s notes that AAII’s Shadow Stock and Mutual Fund Portfolios, are real portfolios utilized to help members learn about investing, they will have lower risk scores and larger returns than the S&P 500 during the last 10 years. Again Cloonan says, “AAII’s purpose is to assist individuals in becoming effective managers of their own assets through programs of education, information and research.”

The organization’s resources, their way of thinking, and the notable benefits of membership in AAII will combine to give investors a huge advantage.

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