Best Choice Software

Best choice software Seasonal/Cycle Charts are the newest and latest development by Best Choice Software and have never been seen before. Initial tests have produced astronomical profits. This will prove to be one of the greatest aids in market timing ever developed for the individual investor, brokers, and financial planners. Best Choice is a unique, exclusive, world-class, five-part, decision-making stock market software that does what no other software can do: It eliminates the human emotion of what to buy, when to buy, and pulling the trigger. Using the most advanced search engine ever created, Best Choice will find the best stocks for long-term investing, stocks ready to break out the day before it happens for swing trading, analyze all stocks for strategic option plays, and, with the newest cycles development, search stocks for seasonal patterns with 90-100% proven directional movements. For mutual funds, Best Choice will display when to buy and when to sell. Using the exclusive “extreme percent,” learn how to buy stocks or mutual funds at the bottom and take profits at the top of the move.

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