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You may already own mutual funds, but chances are you’re making the most common mutual fund mistake: Holding on to funds regardless of whether they’re still top performers. This is where the “buy and hold” mentality of mutual funds can really shoot you in the foot.

Janet Brown, Editor of NoLoad FundX has a different approach: “Our strategy, called Upgrading, involves buying ETFs and no-load mutual funds that rank highly in our scoring system—the top performers—and holding those funds as long as they continue to outperform their peers,” she says. Janet continues: “When funds fall down in the rankings, we sell them and move on to the new current winners.”

NoLoad FundX will lead you to the top performing ETFs and funds wherever they are–domestic or international.

According to the independent Hulbert Financial Digest, NoLoad FundX has been the #2 investment newsletter over the past 25 years with an incredible 12% return—without owning a single individual stock! And it’s on the Hulbert Financial Digest 2011 Honor Roll.

How does she pick so many winners? “Don’t just invest in sectors but in managers that are getting it right,” Janet says. “Our whole strategy is to find the best funds and ETFs during their periods of outperformance.”

When a fund manager is hot, you’ll hear about it in NoLoad FundX. When a fund manager is not, Janet has no hesitation in dropping that fund like a hot potato.

Buying ETFs or mutual funds based on sporadically published “best funds” lists in Money or Kiplinger’s Personal Finance may seem smart at the time. But when the fund quietly slips, you may be totally unaware of the better funds you could be moving into.

With NoLoad FundX, you have the comfort and security of knowing:

  • The funds you own are always the top performers.
  • The funds you own are in the category that matches your tolerance for risk—and your investment objectives.
  • Every dime of your money is fully invested. There is never any load, either on the front end or on the back. You can sleep without worrying about whether Yahoo is going to tank or what quarterly profits Cisco will report because the diversification of your funds frees you from dependence on the performance of any one company.

With your subscription you get:

  • Bi-weekly issues in PDF format
  • Specific bi-weekly buy and sell recommendations
  • Bi-weekly ratings of the top 400 (every month) and 750 (mid-month) no-load mutual funds according to Janet’s proprietary Fund*X scoring method
  • Janet’s Monthly Upgrader Portfolio including her favorite international funds
  • FREE Special Reports: NEW NoLoad FundX Allocation Guide, Tools For Changing Bond Markets & NoLoad FundX Exchange Traded Funds.
  • Unlimited access to an archive of back issues


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