Acuity workstation

Acuity workstation day trading software focuses on scanning. It offers hundreds of scanning options and it can automatically display the top 20 scan results in chart form. This software can also scan for large volume traders, break-outs, low volume, volatility, gap and much more. This software can also support many types of filters including average volume, open, market, price and volatility. It supports numerous hotlists such as most above VWAP, new 52 week highs, % gainers, $ gainers, short term up, biggest range, unfilled gaps and much more.

Advanced Stock & Futures Trading Tools

Advanced Scanning – Hundreds of scanning combinations with point and click setup!
Automatically shows top 20 scan results on charts, no more clicking!
Volume Profile Charting – Unique candles that let you see the volume at each price.
Buy / Sell Pressure – Shows hidden buying and selling and alerts you to low risk trades
Watch LARGE traders Buying/Selling, they usually move the market
NYSE Volume Analysis – Usually Predicts Direction by 5 to 30 mins
NASDAQ Volume Analysis – Watch Real Time Buying / Selling Volume
Statistical Range/Volume Analysis – Low Risk Statistical Buy & Sell areas
Real Time Breakout Alerts – Combined with our Volume Analysis Finds Explosive stocks
Probability Bands – High Probability Reversal Areas
Multiple Layers – Multiply your trading workspace by 4X ! Quickly show or hide layers.
Most advanced Level II Trading System available to retail traders
Intelligent Trailing Stops – Captures the majority of all trending moves. Entry / Exits!
Trading Systems

3 Point Break Trading System
Squat Bar Trading System
Gap Up Explosion System
Bottom Fisher Trading System
Early Morning Breakout System
Volume Explosion Breakout System
Range and Volatility Breakout
Breakout / Low Volume Fade System
Follow the Largest Traders System

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