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  • 85% USA, 10% Canada
  • 65% Male
  • 42% HHI $100K+
  • 54% Trade in real life
  • 32% Have real portfolios worth $10,000+
  • 30% Spend $500+ per year on stock market education

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Adding a custom stock market game or contest to your website is a great way to increase traffic, build your brand, and educate your users. Best of all, it is now easier than you think. If you can copy and paste a few lines of JavaScript in to your website, you can you have your own stock game on your website running in less than 48 hours.

If you have a website with between 1 and 1,000,000 users, our custom stock market simulation is perfect for you! You can configure the trading dates, initial cash balance, commission structure, and other trading rules to make the trading contest exactly as you want it. You will have a real-time trading game that fills at real-time bid/ask data and provides quotes, charts, transaction history, order history, rankings, and profit/loss pages.

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