Best Crypto Demo Accounts

In an ever-changing world of for sale financial courses and gurus, it has become increasingly difficult for student investors to find and utilize the best free tools on the market. 

At How the Market Works, we focus on giving high school students the tools and resources to start investing in the stock market. But where do you go if you want to start learning about cryptocurrency?

In this article we will list our top resources for learning and experiencing cryptocurrency trading that come both risk and cost free. 

1. Wall Street Survivor – Best Crypto Demo Account

Started in 2012, Wall Street Survivor is a free virtual stock simulator, just like How the Market Works, but focused on adult investors.

By allowing would-be and seasoned investors alike to practice and hone their skills in a real time free trading environment, WSS is the perfect place to learn how to trade with no strings attached.

Nevertheless, markets continue to change and in 2018, Survivors were granted full access to cryptocurrency trading.

Investors on the site can now practice this new aspect of trading solo or in monthly competitions that grant real cash prizes.

In our view, a free and simplistic trading experience rules and Wall Street Survivor has and continues to provide the best of both worlds.

Check out Wall Street Survivor, a free platform that allows you to practice trading stock AND cryptocurrency!

2. Crypto Parrot

With the ability to exchange play money for real Bitcoin, Crypto Parrot is one of the most popular sites for simulated crypto trading. 

The site takes a new approach to financial education in the space and promotes a number of social features.

Badges, achievements, and other publishable trophies are awarded based on investors real time trades and track records. 

These features permit investors to interact and learn from one another in a fun, learning-conducive environment. 

For the more socially inclined investor, Crypto Parrot offers a new twist to paper trading with the potential for real world rewards.

3. eToro

One of the fastest growing platforms on the market, eToro has revolutionized the investing world  with its emphasis on socially based investing. 

By allowing users to follow and copy other traders’ portfolios, the site takes community investing to the next level. 

Additionally, eToro offers a paper trading platform that allows users to access the social features of the site. 

For those looking to learn from the mistakes and successes of others, eToro provides a simplistic, community oriented platform for users of all skill levels. 

4. TradingView

Largely known for its superb charting applications, TradingView has launched its own for play trading simulator. 

Although investors are required to pay for most of the more desirable features on the site, the free trial version does allow a decent amount of chart and trading functionality, as well as a chance to experience the platform risk free. 

For investors seeking to increase their familiarity with charting and other common tools, TradingView is a great place to learn and explore before financially committing to a premium platform or service. 

The features and applications on the site, could make a fantastic addition to any trader’s toolkit. 

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