Crashing Markets Mean Cheap Stocks!

Everyone paying attention to the news lately knows that there has been a lot of rough water over the last month or so; Gold and Oil have been tanking farther than usual, the Chinese currency devaluation rocked global markets while the Chinese stock market plummetted.

Which is, coincidentally, a great time to start looking at what to buy. For investors that have been sitting on the sidelines, the classic adage “buy low, sell high” is becoming more true than ever; when markets have bottomed out is the best time to start scooping up cheap assets. These assets are now cheap for a reason; the risk associated with them, but investment firms playing the “long game”, looking out 3 or more years into the future, are starting to see opportunity. Stocks like Micron Technology ([htmwquote]MU[/htmwquote]) have lost more than half their value, but their actual business case is not worth half what it was a year ago.

For the long-sighted investor, this might be a time of great opportunity!


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