Dow Jones Up After East Asian Gains!

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average futures had a big bump this morning, based on market data coming from China and Japan. Both countries recorded big gains today. The good feelings extended over Europe, with French and German indexes gaining over 2% each.

The news comes after the Chinese government announced measures aimed at stemming the volatility and sell-offs. These measures have plagued the Chinese markets over the past few weeks. Most analysts are expecting the measures to continue, which has investors around the world relieved. If this does in fact continue, we could see the Dow Jones gain even more tracking.

Impact of the Chinese economy – Specifically the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Regardless of country, almost everyone has some stake in Chinese investment, so good or bad news in their financial sector tends to ripple around the world. This phenomenon will be the catalyst of stock market volatility in the weeks and months to come. The Chinese market has become extremely important to the overall health of global markets.

Later this week, a key Apple ([hq]AAPL[/hq]) meeting is set to take place where investors are expecting a new product or update launch, important labor market reports are expected from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, and several other smaller companies are having their earnings releases (like Krispy Kreme [hq]KKK[/hq] and Quiksilver [hq]ZQK[/hq]). This should make for a very interesting week in the U.S. markets.

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