Portfolio Management Project – Parts I, II, III

This project was submitted by Linda Campbell, a professor of business administration and management at Siena Heights University

Project Overview and Goals

The purpose of using Virtual Stock Exchange is to give you a better understanding of trading strategies and portfolio management. You will also learn a variety of financial instruments and their risks and rewards as they apply to asset management

Parts I and II:   Managerial Finance Project– Registration

Registration for How the Market Works is free. Create a login code.   Choose a name I can identify as yours – keep a copy of your sign in name and password.

Instructions to register for our classroom contest:

  1. You are invited to enter the contest, “Managerial Finance”.  The Password for this contest is:  ___________:  Go to the following website: __________________
  2. My Dashboard – Click on  Contests; click on Join; Click on Search (and find our class contest by name: “Managerial Finance”  Our Password for the contest is:
  • Begin Part I of “Managerial Finance”. Complete all Assignments – take quiz – be sure to follow instructions to get credit
  • If Dashboard is not visible, Click on “Choose Assignment” and scroll down to complete additional assignments.

Additional Information:

  • Portfolio Management Constraints:  Cash must not exceed 20% of your portfolio at any time.  We want you invested, not sitting on the sidelines.
  • This is a six-week assignment with a one-week intermission between Parts I and II.
  • Part I is a two-week simulation and is your introduction to HTMW.  You will complete all the assignments and required stock trades. At the end of Part I, your portfolio balance will be reset.
  • Part II is a four-week simulation.  You will use your experience from the Part I to make more knowledgeable investment decisions.
 Managerial Finance –  Part I:  Two-Week Stock Simulation
Week 1



Register and begin assignments – be sure to make at least three stock trades  – Due ___________
Week 2



Complete assignments and be sure to make at least three stock trades.  Due _______________________
Week 3Intermission:


Finish up and evaluate your trading portfolio.  Choose primary stocks you wish to trade during Part II

By Thursday, all balances will be reset and your trading activities from Part I will be erased.  You will have a fresh start.


Now you are ready for Part II.

 Part II:  Managerial Finance Project – All balances have been reset!
Week 4Begin assignments – Two articles and a minimum of three stock trades – Due  __________
Week 5



Complete assignments – Two articles and a minimum of three stock trades. Due _________
Week 6Complete assignments – Two articles and a minimum of three stock trades. Due _________



Week 7Complete assignments-  Two articles and a minimum of three stock trades. Due _________



Part III – Virtual Stock Exchange Debrief Paper – Due ______________

A 2-3 page, double-spaced paper about your Virtual Stock Exchange experience will be due at the end of the semester.  Please address the following:

  • What are the key things you learned from your Virtual Stock Exchange experience?
  • What companies did you invest in?  How did their stock perform?
  • Which transactions exceeded your expectations?  What conditions caused this?
  • Which transactions underperformed for you?  What factors created the performance gap?
  • How will your Virtual Stock Exchange experience influence your personal investing in the future?
  • How did you do in the rankings with your classmates?

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