Presidential Polls of High School and College Students Goes Trump

2016 Presidential Poll of College Students

Presidential Poll of College Students Trump Leads by 3.4%

Presidential Poll of High School Students Trumps Leads by 19.1%

Stock-Trak Inc., the leading provider of educational stock market simulations for the high school and college markets, posted polls on its websites from November 1 to November 3 asking its users for whom they would vote. Participation in the polls was optional, the strategy was admittedly unscientific, but the the results were amazing.

Our site is used in over 1,100 college finance classes and by 75,000 students each year. The demographic tends to be slightly more males than females, and roughly 75% undergraduate students, 23% graduate students, and 2% other.


Our site is used by a mix of middle school, high school, college and adults clubs that want to learn about the stock markets and practice trading. The middle school classes using tend to be Math or Social Studies; the high school classes are mostly Economics, Personal Finance, and Business; and the college classes are mostly Finance or Economics classes.

Based on the self-reported age, users over 18 years old were directed to one Presidential Poll and users under 18 were directed to another Presidential Poll.

During the 3 days of November 1 to November 3, 2016 9,467 users 18 years old and over completed one poll and 11,885 students under 18 years old completed the other poll. The 2 results are as follows: and 2016 Presidential Survey

(for users 18 and over)

Democrat – Hillary Clinton: 3,363 votes or 35.5%

Republican – Donald Trump: 3,678 votes or 38.9%

Libertarian – Gary Johnson: 857 votes or 9.1%

Green – Jill Stein: 453 votes or 4.8%

Other: 996 votes or 10.5%

The “Other” votes included responses such as Bernie Sanders, Me, Romney, Paul Ryan, Dak Prescott, and ‘Thankfully not American!.’ Watching the voting throughout the day revealed an interesting trend. During the day when the stock markets were open, Trump seemed to stretch his lead. However, the evening and overnight votes pulled Clinton back closer. “This was a consistent trend for each of the 3 days,” said Mark T. Brookshire, Stock-Trak CEO and Founder. “Perhaps this pyscho-demographic trend suggests that the students who were actively managing and monitoring their portfolio during market hours leaned Republican while the more passive investors leaned Democrat.”
 and 2016 Presidential Survey

(for users under the age of 18)

Democrat – Hillary Clinton: 2,935 votes or 24.7%

Republican – Donald Trump: 5,207 votes or 43.8%

Libertarian – Gary Johnson: 948 votes or 8.0%

Green – Jill Stein: 576 votes or 4.8%

Other: 1719 votes or 14.5%

The “Other” votes for this age group were what you might expect with answers ranging from Bernie Sanders to Obama to Mickey Mouse. “I was amazed that so many students would voluntarily take our Presidential Poll, but I am at a loss to explain why our poll of users under the age of 18 would be so strong for Trump,” says Mr. Brookshire. “Perhaps its because of the strong selection bias of our high school users being from Economics, Personal Finance and Business classes.”


For more information, please contact Mark T. Brookshire at Mark at or 770-337-7720

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