Ramp Screener

Ramp is a chart pattern recognition screener for stocks and currency exchange markets
Ramp will screen for stock patterns like breakouts, MACD divergences, Fibonacci retracements, W bottoms, head and shoulders, cup and handles and many other great trading setups.

Ramp is a trendline scanner.
You can scan for any combination of price trend lines. Identify trend line touches, breakouts and much more.

An automatic trendline generator.
Ramp includes charts that show you the closest support and resistance lines on any symbol. Using this feature alone will find great trades.

Ramp is a huge time saver.
Ramp will cut your search time from hours to seconds as it automates your trendline search.

Ramp can be used as a Fibonacci Retracement Screener.
Ramp does all the work. It identifies chart patterns and draws the lines for you. All you do is tell Ramp what symbols to scan and what Fibonacci levels to find.

For more information about the Ramp screener, click here!

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