Safety Stocks

Safe investing With so many stock market scandals and the daily fluctuations of various securities, it might seem as though there is no simple method of investment that allows you to avoid the major risks of the market. Luckily, things are not always as they seem… some stocks, dubbed “safety stocks” by some investors, are stable enough that they tend to hold their value even when the rest of the market is in shambles. While these stocks aren’t immune to the changes and fluctuations in the stock market, they usually weather the changes well and are much less prone to sudden drops in value.

If you’ve never heard of safety stocks or would like to know more, the information below is designed to give you some information on these relatively stable investments

Safety in a turbulent market

Though no stocks are completely immune to the daily changes in the stock market, some manage to do better than others. Some of these companies have been around for a long time and that produce everyday items that are known around the world (such as the first aid and baby care manufacturer Johnson & Johnson), and aren’t likely to encounter major scandals to bring down their prices. While these stocks aren’t known for major increases in value, they don’t perform poorly instead, they offer a slow-but-steady increase that’s much more stable than many other investment opportunities.

Safety stocks and diversification

Because of their general consistency, safety stocks are considered a must-have by many serious investors. They are great tools for diversification, allowing investors to use their stability to offset some of their more volatile investments. This effect can be increased even further by making investments in precious metals or the diamond market, both of which tend to offer a similar stability that works well with that of the safety stocks. A diverse investment portfolio with a strong base of safety stocks and precious metal and diamond investments is likely to weather even the most turbulent market with minimal long-term losses.

High Risk Investing Safety stocks and high-risk investments

Even without using safety stocks for true diversification, it’s possible to use these stocks to offset higher-risk investments. When investing in high-risk stocks, a smart investor might buffer their investment with a secondary investment in one or more safety stocks which will help to minimize any losses that might occur. If the higher-risk stock performs well and is sold at a good price, then the safety stocks may either be sold or kept since they’re not likely to drop significantly in value. Should the higher-risk stock not perform well and ends up being sold low, then the value of the safety stocks as they slowly but surely show an increase will help to offset any losses.

Safety stocks and long-term investment

Obviously, safety stocks are great for long-term investments. Purchasing safety stocks over the course of several years is much more likely to show a definite improvement than other stocks that aren’t nearly as stable. When combined with precious metals or the diamond market as mentioned above, the effects can be even more noticeable due to the similar nature of the two types of investments.

Safety stocks can also be combined with bonds or other types of investments that do well in the long term, either using the stocks in smaller amounts to accentuate the earnings of the other investments or as simply another long-term investment among many. This can make safety stocks ideal for retirement plans or any other long-term financial planning.


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