Teacher’s Forum

Starting in September 2018, all teachers will be added to a new Teacher’s Contest, where you can chat with (and trade against) other teachers using HTMW.

If you registered after September 2018, you should already see the “Teacher’s Challenge” in your list of contests near the top of the page:

teacher challenge

If you joined before September 2018, you can join the Teacher’s Challenge by clicking here (if you’re already logged in, otherwise it will ask you to create a new account).

Teacher Forums

The best part about the Teacher’s Challenge is that it also includes the Teacher Forums, where you can discuss lesson plans, using HTMW in your class, and much more with the other teachers using HowTheMarketWorks! To join the discussion, just make sure you’ve selected the “Teacher’s Challenge”, then click “Contest Forums” on the main menu under “Contests”.

teacher forums