The ABCs of CFDs Trading

If you are thinking about starting to trade CFDs, learning of the best trading strategies is one of the best ways to ease into the market. CFD trading strategies work to improve your chances of making a profit while reducing your chances of loss. Trading strategies are approaches that ensure you only invest when you are likely to make profitable returns. 

The trading strategy you use should fit your attitude. Before choosing a trading strategy, you need to ensure you invest in the most reliable trading platform. The best platform should come with enticing user benefits like forex introducing broker bonuses for new sign-ups, trader bonuses, and so much more. 

With the best CFD trading platform, you can choose the best strategy for your trades. Here are the most ideal forex CFD trading strategies you can use to trade in demo and live accounts.

Day trading 

The main principle behind day trading requires a trader to close all open positions after the forex market closes. This avoids the added cost and risk associated with holding an overnight position. 

As a day trader, you need to generate quick profits from minimal price movements to make a profit. This makes this strategy only ideal for full-time traders. Day trading requires time to be able to pay attention to market movements in day trades. 

Position trading 

This trade strategy allows traders to hold on to specific trading assets over a long period. This timeline can be as short as a few weeks or as long as a few months. 

As a position trader, you make fewer CFD trades than a day trader. Even so, each trade made has a bigger profit potential compared to day trading. To make the most of position trading, you need to know the best time to sell the CFDs. Holding them for too long increases the chances of making significant losses at the time of selling. Having the ability to read market trends accurately is the key to successful position trading.  

PPC (Preserve Precious Capital)

This is a strategy for capital preservation and money management and is one of the most important strategies to learn as a trader. Most traders are fixated on making money, which makes them forget the importance of knowing how to preserve what is invested. PPC strategy helps traders to protect the money invested in forex CFD trading. This is achieved by telling which forex CFDs are likely to lose money to avoid investing in them. Instead, take your time to find CFDs that are likely to make profits and put your money there.

Swing trading 

This trading strategy focuses on technical analysis. It involves finding short-term trading price patterns. As a swing trader, you should focus on CFD prices. Most swing traders usually pay less attention to the value of the asset when finding assets to trade. They can also hold trading positions for longer than a day trader but shorter than a position trader. 

Swing traders are best placed to make trades against the trend. This ensures they profit from reading trade trends based on their system analysis. 


This CFD trading strategy involves very short-term CFD trades. These include assets that can be held a few minutes before closing. A scalper’s strategy works by trying to beat the bid-offer spread and skin to ensure a profit by just a few points before the close of trade. For Scalping to work for you, you need to have expertise in reading tick charts. 

Over the years, many technical indicators have been developed to make it easier for traders to choose the best strategies for their needs when trading CFDs. If you are new to CFD trading, you can try your hand on different strategies to find the best one for your needs. As a rule of thumb, never try a new strategy on your live account. Demo accounts are created to offer traders room for trial and error without putting their capital at risk. Even the most experienced traders try new strategies on demo accounts. 

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