The Beginners Guide to Investing in Precious Metals

How to Start Investing in Precious Metals

People all over the globe value precious metals. Travelers, explorers, leaders, and collectors wanted and acquired these metals in the olden times and until now. These precious metals were regarded for their beauty, and they were associated with wealth and power.

In the modern world, investors collect these metals to diversify their assets. Owning precious metals can do for an investor what brokerages and bonds can’t – therefore, owners of precious metals will keep their wealth when other kinds of assets fail.

The online world now gives a convenient and non-troublesome opportunity to acquire gold, silver, platinum, and copper. However, there are some things a beginner has to remember when investing in precious metals.

  • Precious metals are outstanding in portfolio diversification. The value of these properties hedges an owner against the effects of inflation. It is smart to have not only gold but also own other metals that have unique advantages in specific opportunities.
  • Silver, platinum, and palladium are items that can do for an investor what gold has a disadvantage. In return, what they cannot do can be done by gold.
  • The best way to diversify a portfolio is by owning physical metal. However, investors can also place investments on metal ETFs, mutual funds, the derivatives market, and mining company stocks.

Know the Metals

There are four leading players in the precious metals market. Learn the metals’ features and each of their advantages. Gold, silver, platinum, and copper have different edges in investment.

Each metal can help reach unique goals that can result in earning. Anyone who wants to start investing in precious metals will benefit from good enough basic knowledge.


Gold is durable (it doesn’t rust or corrode) and malleable precious metal, and it is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat.

It is used at a scale in dental and electronic applications. However, its high cost makes choosing it over other conductors like silver and copper impractical.

Gold comes in different forms, including jewelry, coins, bars, and other Bullion.

The value of gold ideally rises by the day, and mines are slow to produce, making its supply decrease. Emerging economies around the world are updating their commodities, and they want gold in their markets.

Advantages of Gold:

  • It is a secure store of value. Use it like cash savings, not in the bank but, in private inventory. A collection can gradually grow as time goes by, and the price per weight of the items ideally rises.
  • It is excellent as a hedge against inflation. As the Dollar value falls, the Dollar per ounce of gold increases. Other assets like stocks are damaged during economic downswings. Hence it is wise to own physical gold alongside liquid investments to counter the adverse effects.
  • It is a sufficient currency during war. When unfortunate global or civil upheavals occur, and currency becomes insignificant, gold and other metals grant institutions and individuals’ access to food, shelter, and safety.


People place value on silver as it is both a precious and an industrial metal. Making investments in silver is wise as these are times of digital upsurge. Hardware and electronics applications require silver for its effective conductivity.

The industrial application of silver makes it an excellent metal to store. A hefty amount of this metal can give an investor significant returns, especially when innovations and developments in technology come up.

Silver has less value per weight than gold. Therefore, the metal can be traded more cheaply, but it is highly profitable when done correctly.

Advantages of Silver:

  • Silver is an excellent store of value, although not as much as gold.
  • It has applications in electronics. The bigger the world populace, the more digital devices there are. Digital applications run on high-tech hardware that uses microcircuits that require silver parts. It is also used in producing batteries and superconductors.


People trade platinum too. This metal values at a higher price than Gold during stable economic situations as it is a rarer metal. However, during bad economic weather, the need for platinum declines, and so does its value.

Advantages of Platinum:

  • While gold is not significantly increasing value, platinum will give more returns. Acquire Pl during bad economic situations while it is cheap and profit when stable times return.
  • Platinum has a higher-class industrial application. Tech and motor industries use it as a chemical reaction catalyst to improve automobile oil performance. Its non-corrosive properties are excellent for use in medical instruments and dental equipment. It is a non-toxic metal that is ideal for sensitive parts of dental and surgical apparatus and machines.


Copper, a semi-precious metal, has excellent value as a practical and cost-effective industrial commodity.

Advantages of Copper

  • Investors who own a significant amount of copper can enjoy high returns when a surge in production in the industrial market occurs.
  • Copper is the main ingredient for the production of wires that are used everywhere.

There are various ways to earn through these valuable metals:


ETFs, short for Exchange-traded funds are a scheme where a company allows investors to deposit their money, and that money will be used by the company to acquire gold physically. They are asset-backed investments and depend highly on the expertise of the trading institution.

They are a convenient and liquid method for people to profit from precious metals. It is similar to putting money on a brokerage online. However, with ETFs, an investor has no physical access to precious metals. The trade is limited to buying shares when the prices are down and selling when they are up, all online. Also, when an ETF company fails, its investors will lose their money.

Common Stocks and Mutual Funds

Investors can fund mining companies for profit shares. They have to find a trustworthy company to be sure there will be a profit.

Common stocks and mutual funds allow investors to earn from precious metals. These schemes can be profitable, but they are no way for novice investors. More often, investors who do these investments hire managers to handle the funds.

Futures and Options

Investors can buy gold today but have it delivered later.

The futures and options market provides liquidity and benefit to investors who highly risk on metals. These modes of investment can either garner the highest earnings or the most significant losses.

Stock Certificates

Investors can own gold without keeping it without “actually keeping it.” They will only receive a piece of paper that says, “they own this piece of gold.”

Certificates remove the hassle of physical ownership of metal assets. However, they also eliminate the more significant benefits. When a crisis comes up, virtually nobody will exchange food for a piece of paper.

Physical Ownership

The most excellent method to invest in precious metals is Physical Ownership. It is now easy to access these metals because of the availability of online stores and Bullion services and delivery online. This method of investment gives an investor the ability to control the property entirely.

Physical precious metals have various forms, and one of the most widespread is Bullion. Bullion is any shape of precious metal that is appraised via its weight and purity.

Bullion can be bought as bars, coinage, commemorative coins, rounds, and even bullets.

Invest Today

Precious metals increase in value in time, and people should start investing soon. The ease of owning Bullion via the digital world should be enough reason for a person to begin a precious metals investment journey.

Precious metals protect owners against inflation, and it is a safe store for a monetary value that secures people’s retirement.

An inventory that has diverse types and shapes of metals has more extensive opportunities in the market. Subscribe to a Bullion service and own a reliable and profitable precious metals inventory.

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