Trade with the HTMW Virtual Stock Exchange

Our Virtual Stock Exchange allows you to practice buying and selling real stocks using our online trading game for the purpose of gaining experience with stock trading. This is also known as paper trading or fantasy trading.

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Need more information? Visit our Virtual Stock Market Trading FAQ for instructions!

Virtual Stock Market Features

Here just a few of the great features we have absolutely free:

  • Practice building a portfolio with real stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs, and follow its progress with real-time prices!
  • Practice Day-Trading, with your choice of commission structure to simulate any brokerage you want!
  • Trade all US stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds!
  • Trade all Canadian Stocks and ETFs!
  • Stock Charts and Quotes!
  • Real volume rules to see what it is like trading in the world!
  • Real-Time Bid/Ask prices!
  • Ability To Track Your Portfolio As Long As You Want!
  • Analyst Ratings And Recommendations From Professionals!
  • Public Contests, Some With Cash Prizes!
  • Create Your Own Custom Contest!

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See our Virtual Trading FAQ for more answers!

Happy Trading!

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